Lowther Division has 2 houses that have a mandatory meal plan that provides you with an opportunity to prepare your own meals with common house food on a limited budget. You pay a set amount each month into the Meal Plan for House Food.  167 and 169 Lowther elect a House Food Shopper who buys food once a week based on the House’s shopping list with the House Food money.


Situated close to the University of Toronto, Lowther Avenue is located in a family oriented residential neighbourhood with a very unique architectural character. It dates its origins to 1796, when the area was little more than sparse scrubland near Bloor Street. It was the custom of the time for the Governor to give lands to prominent local families. Through a combination of death, inheritance and marriage Dr. William Baldwin received title to most of the Annex lands. Baldwin built Spadina road (named by an Indian word meaning "sudden rise of land"), which became his private road.  From 1890 to 1920 the old Baldwin estates were carved up and sold to wealthy merchants, lawyers and doctors who built large homes, forerunners of Rosedale mansions.



84 Lowther Avenue

165 Lowther Avenue

167 Lowther Avenue

169 Lowther Avenue

559 Huron Street