Our mission is to be a thriving, vibrant and diverse co-operative student community in which members live affordably, learn, experience personal growth, build relationships, and contribute to the co-operative. We provide student housing in Toronto founded on the principles of equity, mutual aid, democracy and co-operation.

Quality + Affordability

We offer significant savings compared to traditional student residences and it’s never because of corner cutting. Campus Co-op is operated by our members and this keeps our costs low.

Central Location

Our Victorian homes are within walking distance to the best locations Toronto has to offer – Including your campus. It’s in the name, after all.


CCRI is more than just a student residence. When you live co-operatively, you live, work and play with members of your community. Connectedness is key.


As a democratically owned and operated organization, CCRI is governed by members like you. As a member of our student governance team, you’ll be making decisions with impact.