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Address169 Lowther Avenue, Toronto, M5R 1E5
Housing Fees$598 to $754 per month
Shared Bathrooms3
Shared Kitchens1
Common Spaces1 living room, 1 recreation room
LaundryUnlimited, in-house
WiFiUpgraded in 2020, $12 per month
Meal PlanThis house has a mandatory meal plan. Members pay their meal plan fees at the central office. House members purchase communal groceries and are reimbursed through this shared fund. House members also plan and prepare meals communally. 
EligibilityProspective members of Rupert House must submit an application form online. They must then complete a phone interview with the central office to determine eligibility. The central office confirms their membership. 
HistoryRupert House is named after Rupert Bear, a comic strip created by English artist Mary Tourtel. CCRI purchased Rupert House in 1965.