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Address165 Lowther Avenue, Toronto, M5R 1E5
Housing Fees$530.00 to $708.00  
Shared Bathrooms2
Shared Kitchens1
Common Spaces2 common spaces
LaundryUnlimited, in-house
Wi-FiUpgraded in 2020, $9 per month
Meal PlanMembers are responsible for purchasing and preparing their own food. This house has a fully outfitted shared kitchen.
EligibilityNew members of Savage House apply through the central office. They then must attend and interview (in person, or video call) to demonstrate their suitability. Existing house members confirm their membership.
HistorySavage House was originally an all-male house. During this era, members of this house were known as the “Savage Man Gods.” CCRI purchased Savage House in 1965.