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Address600 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, M5S 2H4
Housing Fees$620 to $803 per month
Shared Bathrooms3
Shared Kitchens1
Common Spaces1 living room
LaundryUnlimited, in-house
WiFiUpgraded in 2020, $12 per month
Meal PlanMembers are responsible for purchasing and preparing their own food. This house has a fully outfitted shared kitchen.
EligibilityProspective members of Tompkins House must submit an application form online. They must then complete a phone interview with the central office to determine eligibility. The central office confirms their membership. 
HistoryTompkins House is named after Rev. J.J. Tompkins, the founder of Permanent Benefit Building Society, an early housing Co-operative for miners in Nova Scotia. CCRI purchased Tompkins House in 1962.