Have questions? Contact our staff. They will be happy to assist you.

Sophie Kapsales

Member Services

416-979-2161 ext. 244 / skapsales@campus.coop

  • Co-ordinates member recruitment, including interviewing applicants
  • Answers inquiries and responds to email inquiries
  • Assists with member orientation

Janice Bramhill

Office Co-ordinator

416-979-2161 ext. 221 / jbramhill@campus.coop

  • Collects housing charge rental fee payments
  • Assists accountant with bookeeping tasks, including payables
  • Assists maintenance

Anna Tirca

General Manager

416-979-2161 ext. 225 / generalmanager@campus.coop

  • Manages the Co-op, including staff and supports and guides Board of Director decisions